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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora

This cultural space was erected in Dora Park to pay tribute to Turin’s industrial heritage. The project includes an open-air museum that explores Turin’s industrial and social history. The idea is the result of a competition promoted by the City of Turin in conjunction with AxTO’s 4.06 proposal. The winning entry was judged by the architect Angelo Rinallo on behalf of Ri.Co.Di.Ri.T.
The museum focuses on four main topics: nineteenth century geography and history, the “iron and steel” era, de-industrialisation and modern-day redevelopment.
The space makes use of both physical and virtual materials.
A number of totems have been erected in the park to mark a route along existing pedestrian pathways, which are accompanied by benches, info panels and lighting effects in order to create engaging observational spaces that encourage residents to stop and reflect on the city’s post-industrial architecture.

The virtual set-up at Iron Valley park features digital content owned by the city and shared by local citizens wishing to contribute their memories to themed exhibition routes, photo galleries, videos and georeferenced maps. The aim is to encourage residents to interact with and improve their knowledge of the local area.
In addition to a website, the project also includes an app featuring 3D VR and AR experiences that allow the public to “explore” the former Michelin Factory and learn about the history of the Fiat Ironworks and Savigliano Factory.

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