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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
The skeleton structure housing the ironworks, now integrated into the Environment Park’s Service Centre. Dora Park Photography Committee, 2007.

The Environment Park is an area made with green building technologies and sustainable pioneering architectures. The previous project, designed by Emilio Ambasz, Benedetto Camerana, Giovanni Durbiano and Luca Reinerio, had the goal of restoring the area to the original condition of green-field, that was one of the main settings of the Italian and Turinese economy and industry for a long time. Its construction, finished in 2006 with the building of the offices, was designed by Stefano Datta, Alessandro Fassi and Andrea Moro following bioclimatic standards and reduction of energy consumption. The Centre is a building covered in wood located inside a metal endoskeleton of the Fiat ironworks.

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