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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
The Mazzonis Cotton Mill, 1928 (The City of Turin’s Historical Archives)

Different industrial plants were active from the end of 1800 through Corso Svizzera, Via Pianezza and Via Nole in Borgata Ceronda. Among the most important, there was the Mazzonis cotton mill, born in 1896 and with its plant called Bianchina, in the present Corso Svizzera, whose young workers were the protagonists in strong fights to obtain the reduction of workhours and the increase of the salary during the first years of 1900. In Via Pianezza, in 1901, the Paracchi carpet store was born, the first in Italy, it employed over 200 employees in the ‘40s. Today, in the same area of the “Bianchina”, there is Piero della Francesca Centre, built in the end of the ‘70s, according to the architect Gabriele Manfredi; the Paracchi plant was abandoned in the ‘80s and it was redeveloped between 2005 and 2009.

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