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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
Stabilimenti Fiat sezione Ferriere Piemontesi
Disused Fiat Ironworks, abandoned area

The area now transformed into the Dora Park, is the result of a complex process of an historical stratification that underwent a phase of strong break after the great oil crisis in the ‘70s. The large-scale industry, that had strongly characterized the city image, entered a progressive decline from which it never recovered, if not after some radical structural changes that brought to the movement of the processing to other world areas. During the first years of the ‘90s, as in a lot of other European industrial areas occurred, the social-economic report of the city was upsetting, even for the high levels of unemployment that were created. On the urban plan, the result was the functional “necrosis” and the abandon of huge portions of the land.

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