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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
Ingest Lot proposal as viewed from the west. Urban Redevelopment Project, City of Turin.

The Ingest lot is the western of the Dora Park and it develops in the area where once the rolling mills in the Nole plant of the Fiat ironworks were active. Linked to the rest of the Park through a boardwalk, it hosts a water garden and a “hortus conclusus”. The Ingest area (47000 sqm) develops along Via Nole, close to the residential estates in Via Valdellatorre and the Church of Santo Volto. On the area related to the rolling mills, the pillars that were typical of the plant are already present. On their basis, the plinths of the footings in reinforced concrete and the tanks of the rolling mill have been refurbished to host the water garden. The present building that hosts the hortus conclusus was built in 1952 to accommodate the general and maintenance services of the Larghi Nastri department.

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