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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
Simulation of the Vitali District as part of a proposal for the Agreed Implementation Plan. CITY OF TURIN

The Vitali area is the wide central zone of the Dora Park that expands for 89000sqm. The plant of the Fiat ironworks was active here, whose persistence characterizes the urban landscape with its suggestive structure of the warehouse of “stripping”. The preservation of the high red pillars in steel and a part of covering has given life to a multifunctional area for a lot of sports and to host great urban events. The name of the warehouse derives from the type of work that was made in it: “the stripping”, that is the extraction of steel ingots from the molds in which they were produced. The long wall in concrete that runs along the warehouse marked the junks park of the ironworks in the south, in which the wagons with ferrous materials for fusion arrived.

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