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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
Stabilimenti Fiat sezione Ferriere Piemontes
The front of the Ironworks’ Nole (Ingest) rolling mills. Photograph by Filippo Gallino, 2010. © City di Turin

The Fiat ironworks were one of the most important reality in the steel industry of 1900. The steel sector, after having had a crucial role during the economic boom in the ‘50s and ‘60s, began its crisis from the ‘70s. The deindustrialization process was not only an Italian phenomenon: during the ’70 and ‘80s in Turin, as well as in Glasgow, Manchester, Lyon, Barcelona, Bilbao and Dusseldorf, there were the conditions for a progressive abandonment of these impressive industrial plants. In their phase of decline, the Fiat ironworks were firstly bought by the Institute for the Industrial Rebuilding in 1982 and then they definitely closed in 1992, after a progressive decrease of the entire sector.

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