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Il Parco culturale Iron Valley

Parco Dora
The first Fiat Ironworks and rolling mills. Medium-sized train with sliding bulkhead, taken in around 1910 (The City of Turin’s Historical Archives)

Inaugurated in 1907 with the name Piedmontese Ironworks, the plant owned by the Ferriére-sous-Jougne French group, was acquired by the Fiat group in 1917. Intended for the production and processing of steel, it soon established itself as one of the important plant in the industrial group in Turin. During the World War II, 5000 workers worked in it. Focal point for the Resistance and the anti-fascism in Turin, in April 1945 the Fiat ironworks were the field of violent fights between Germans and Partisans in the insurrection days in Turin. In 1978 the ironworks joined with Teksid, company that gathered all the iron and steel and metallurgical activities of Fiat. After having been taken up by Finsider in 1982, the ironwork was definitely closed in 1992, after the strong crisis that hit the Italian iron and steel industry.

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